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We always have opportunities for students and postdocs to do research in our lab. Below we list projects and funding opportunities from specific principal investigators. However, you are always welcome to inquire about potential projects with any of the principal investigators in our lab. Most funding agencies in South Africa fund students and postdocs directly, therefore it is more common for potential students and postdocs to apply for funding from these sources after discussing potential projects with PIs. A list of external sources of funding for study and research in South Africa can be found lower down on this page.


Prof. Bruce Anderson

PhD/ MSc: Investigating handedness in flowers

Contact me directly: banderso.bruce@gmail.com


Prof. Leanne L. Dreyer

Contact me directly: ld@sun.ac.za


Prof. Allan G. Ellis

Contact me directly: agellis@sun.ac.za


Prof. Anton C. Pauw

Contact me directly: apauw@sun.ac.za


Project and Lab Funding Opportunities

Below you'll find some useful links to information on how to go about applying to Stellenbosch University


South African candidates

Postgraduate students

Postdoctoral researchers


International candidates

Postgraduate students

Exchange students/Affiliates

Postdoctoral researchers


Applying to Stellenbosch University

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